Unintended Break

I love writing. I also love writing letters to my Grandma Betty. Unfortunately, life gets in the way. All the time.

So I haven’t touched this blog in a while. I don’t know how many people check The Comfy Confines out after reading my brilliant column Popular to the Contrary Opinion in the Colorado Daily.

Today’s is actually one I have a lot of pride in. It’s all about drinking in public in Korea.  Here it is:


I’ve been doing a good chunk of writing for PCO. I can disappear for about a month and still have plenty of leftover columns for the Daily. I get paid a little bit for writing them, but it’s nice to have to write again.

I’m really trying to keep on track with everything over here in Chicago. I’m getting my routine in, making friends and slowly finding word. It’s been a true process.

As for writing, unfortunately it takes the back seat sometimes.

I finished editing my romantic/gross-out comedy novel for the third or fourth time. I was working on editing my steampunk sci-fi novel for the third time, but decided to make a giant change and now we’re going for it a fourth time.

Those are both looking good. Once I finish some of my daily junk, I’ll try to punch out a few more chapters.

I was writing clickbait for a little bit. And I mean a long bit, but also a little bit. I spent days learning how to writing in their style, what they wanted and actually writing, but the entire thing was just too uninspiring, difficult and not worth my time. Yes, I can be a whiny hipster and complain about my job that is just sooooo hard, but honestly, I think I was making about $.75 an hour. I’d get paid by the article, and by the time one was printed I’d earn about $7 after spending hours finding it on their antiquated system, writing, editing and then waiting for approval for it.

Now I’m supposed to edit some other articles for another website. I better get my ass in gear and write for them.

Of course, now that I’m hitting my own blog, I feel like writing a little extra for myself.


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