Job Info

Geez. The bosses sure do want a lot of information these days.

It’s one thing to ask for my past job info, schools and hobbies. I’m fine giving SOME info about my friends/references. You don’t really need their addresses, do you? Because for the most part I don’t even know them.

They want your LinkedIn. That’s cool. You can find a lot of people I don’t really talk to over there.

This website, the Comfy Confines? Well, there isn’t too much exciting going on here. There may be some fart jokes and misspellings tossed here and there throughout.

My driver’s license info? My Social Security Number? My birthday? Race? Disability and veteran status? That’s a little much.

How about this?

YOU tell ME about YOUR business.

YOU tell ME about YOUR job.

YOU tell ME why the last person left.

YOU give ME a guarantee that none of MY INFORMATION will be used for anything.


YOU tell ME when I can start.

YOU tell ME how close I am to getting this job.

YOU tell ME WHY I didn’t get the job.

How about that?


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