That Special Person

Do you guys have that special person in your life?

There’s a person that when you hear their name or you find out you’re going to hang out with them, you get so nervous you feel like vomiting. And you want to hold it in so you can barf all over them?

I have a few of these people.

In Chicago I don’t have just one, but two of them. They’re a couple. Since I just moved to the Windy City and only have two friends and a handful of acquaintances I can’t be too picky right now.

So tonight I met up with them and my BFF.

The man seems like he’s trying to be cool and is genuinely trying to be nice. He works really hard to be funny and seems to legitimately try to care about you. We talked a little about my death metal t-shirt and a few other things.

But goodness gracious goddess of grief. The female half of this couple is like an ADHD kid that snorted too many pixie sticks, was given her mommy’s credit card, has no filter and needs to talk at all seconds.

She just doesn’t stop. It wouldn’t be so bad if she had something to say, but she just keeps going on and on. I feel claustrophobic because I feel like all the air is getting sucked out of the room.

There is just no way I can handle them. It’s time to start making friends.


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