Old Laptop Blues

Lappy and I have been together for about seven years. I bought this Dell Inspiron about seven years ago used, which means he’s about eight or nine years old.

He’s got Windows Vista and Microsoft Word something. I don’t know. I can’t really play video games on it without freezing it up. He’s heavy and kind of a pain.

Lappy is on my lap and kind of burning my thighs. Finding parts for him or places to fix him is getting harder and harder.

I’m not a computer guy, so it doesn’t really matter. I actually don’t care, except for the video games, but it’s probably better that I can’t game, because if I could, I would. Until the death…

I did buy a brand-new laptop, my first ever! And I hated it. It was a netbook and great for carrying around, but it was even slower than Lappy. The only good things were that it started up faster, was lighter and had an amazing webcam. And. That’s. It.

I couldn’t listen to music and search the internet. I couldn’t type and watch a movie. The whole thing would just lock up. The screen was too small. That’s pretty much it. I hated it. I ended up giving it to my parents. We’ll see if they ever use it.

All right, time to get off of this thing. Better yet, time to get Lappy off my lap. Otherwise we’re having Cooked KC Thighs for dinner.


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