New Bike

I miss Emma Frost, the White Queen.

Not the X-Men and Brotherhood of Mutants member. I like her too, but the Queen was my bike in Korea. The Queen was a Giant-brand hybrid. And I’m totally forgetting the name. She was gorgeous, fast and sturdy enough for my weight.

The Queen and I spent a few thousand miles together. I rode her every day to and back from Jiu Jitsu. Up to Seoul and back.

I gave her to my BFF Robot, who managed to get it stolen about a week later.

I want a bike. I’m not sure about riding in Chicago, but it actually seems really safe.

Having a bike is great. I like not having to deal with subways and people on subways (or in Chicago it’s called The El, not The Subway).

I’m going to find one soon. I saw some used bikes at a Play It Again Sports. I’m thinking I’ll try out for a road bike this time around. I just hope the new one can live up to the old one. And I can find out a cool name.


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