Keeping Up with the Kardasifdasifians


I’m still trying to get my stuff back together. There’s always so much going on.

Being unemployed is still a lot of work. The past few weeks I’ve been on quite a few job interviews which are always time consuming. I went on three temporary/staffing interviews, none have really panned out just yet. I had one at a PR firm in Orange County and another at a school in Japan. The last two were via Skype, but both cool.

I’m trying to get out there. I’m emailing, craigslisting, tweeting, facebooking, linkedinning, blogging and even trying to think if I should start instagramming or pinteresting or whatevering.

I just don’t know how people manage to do all of this stuff every day, especially with full-time jobs. I swear that I’m motivated and want to be something. I’m just losing time and patience.

Well, time to eat. TTYL!




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