Controlled Breathing in the Windy City

Howdy howdy faithful readers!

I actually left (kind of) and am back (kind of).

chicago(Our fearless author in Chicago!)

I moved from Colorado to the Windy City three weeks ago.

Late last year I went on my Casey Freeman Midwest Quest. The whole point was to find a new home. Colorado was making me miserable. I wasn’t finding jobs, friends or employment, so I sought out and sought after a new home.

I toured Cincinnati, Chicago, Madison, Minneapolis, Des Moines and Omaha. All of them had their upsides and downsides.

Cincy was cheap and had one of my best BFFs there. But, I wasn’t really a fan of the other people. It was pretty grungy.

The Windy City was huge but didn’t feel crowded, had great mass transportation, had lots of stuff to do and the people don’t seem like big-town jerks. But, super expensive.

Madtown was like Boulder, Colorado, one of my many hometowns. Madison, Wisconsin is colder though. It had gorgeous people, fun lifestyle and a great vibe. But, I didn’t see or hear about a single job.

Minneapolis had a bunch of BFFs, great history, a logical downtown and pretty decent mass transportation. I just didn’t see much for jobs.

Des Moines and Omaha were both kind of similar in the sense that I really liked the cities, they were cool, calm, great peopled by great people and gorgeous. But there weren’t any jobs I thought I could do and mass transit was pretty peepee poor. If I landed a job at either of them I’d have moved.

In a later venture, I also went to Austin which I thought was great, but suffered from Boulder Madison Disease where it was so cool nobody can afford it or work there.

Dallas had some great stuff, but I just didn’t really want to be there.

Portland was amazing, but again it had Boulder/Madison/Austin Disease. One of the greatest crushes of my life lives there (and some cousins and uncles), but I just couldn’t do it.

Seattle was there. It’s cool, but not cool enough for the weather and prices.

So, Chicago landed on top. So far I’m happy here.

And I’m going to pop off a few more blogs about it.


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