Apartment Hunting


(((The photo is just a screenshot from my phone. I didn’t really feel like doing any cropping or actual photography. Deal with it.)))

I signed a lease in Chicago! This photo on top of this blog is the outside of my apartment. I’d show you the inside, but it’s really just a bunch of empty rooms. Also, I’m not there right now, so you’ll have to deal with the realtor’s photo. Also, by empty rooms I mean the bedroom, kitchen and bathroom are empty.

It’s a studio in the Edgewater neighborhood of Northside Chicago. This is kind of the hipstery hood.

I’m thinking for names for my new pad. If you can think of any, go ahead and tell me.

I’ve got an idea from “Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell.” It’s probably very very inappropriate though.

It’s a studio, but a big one. It’s expensive, but one of the better prices I saw. I really fell for it in a quick second. There was another similar one in the same building, but for $20 more a month I got more room, a better view and a wooden porch.

I’m also across the street from a 24-hour Walgreens and one-half of my friends in Chicago. (I have two friends here).

The craziest thing is amazing. The last dude that lived here went insane and said he was going to kill everybody and blow up the building. The SWAT team guys were here just a month or so ago. I’m moving into his old place.

Maybe it’s haunted…


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