Old Laptop Blues

Lappy and I have been together for about seven years. I bought this Dell Inspiron about seven years ago used, which means he’s about eight or nine years old.

He’s got Windows Vista and Microsoft Word something. I don’t know. I can’t really play video games on it without freezing it up. He’s heavy and kind of a pain.

Lappy is on my lap and kind of burning my thighs. Finding parts for him or places to fix him is getting harder and harder.

I’m not a computer guy, so it doesn’t really matter. I actually don’t care, except for the video games, but it’s probably better that I can’t game, because if I could, I would. Until the death…

I did buy a brand-new laptop, my first ever! And I hated it. It was a netbook and great for carrying around, but it was even slower than Lappy. The only good things were that it started up faster, was lighter and had an amazing webcam. And. That’s. It.

I couldn’t listen to music and search the internet. I couldn’t type and watch a movie. The whole thing would just lock up. The screen was too small. That’s pretty much it. I hated it. I ended up giving it to my parents. We’ll see if they ever use it.

All right, time to get off of this thing. Better yet, time to get Lappy off my lap. Otherwise we’re having Cooked KC Thighs for dinner.


That Special Person

Do you guys have that special person in your life?

There’s a person that when you hear their name or you find out you’re going to hang out with them, you get so nervous you feel like vomiting. And you want to hold it in so you can barf all over them?

I have a few of these people.

In Chicago I don’t have just one, but two of them. They’re a couple. Since I just moved to the Windy City and only have two friends and a handful of acquaintances I can’t be too picky right now.

So tonight I met up with them and my BFF.

The man seems like he’s trying to be cool and is genuinely trying to be nice. He works really hard to be funny and seems to legitimately try to care about you. We talked a little about my death metal t-shirt and a few other things.

But goodness gracious goddess of grief. The female half of this couple is like an ADHD kid that snorted too many pixie sticks, was given her mommy’s credit card, has no filter and needs to talk at all seconds.

She just doesn’t stop. It wouldn’t be so bad if she had something to say, but she just keeps going on and on. I feel claustrophobic because I feel like all the air is getting sucked out of the room.

There is just no way I can handle them. It’s time to start making friends.

New Bike

I miss Emma Frost, the White Queen.

Not the X-Men and Brotherhood of Mutants member. I like her too, but the Queen was my bike in Korea. The Queen was a Giant-brand hybrid. And I’m totally forgetting the name. She was gorgeous, fast and sturdy enough for my weight.

The Queen and I spent a few thousand miles together. I rode her every day to and back from Jiu Jitsu. Up to Seoul and back.

I gave her to my BFF Robot, who managed to get it stolen about a week later.

I want a bike. I’m not sure about riding in Chicago, but it actually seems really safe.

Having a bike is great. I like not having to deal with subways and people on subways (or in Chicago it’s called The El, not The Subway).

I’m going to find one soon. I saw some used bikes at a Play It Again Sports. I’m thinking I’ll try out for a road bike this time around. I just hope the new one can live up to the old one. And I can find out a cool name.

Keeping Up with the Kardasifdasifians


I’m still trying to get my stuff back together. There’s always so much going on.

Being unemployed is still a lot of work. The past few weeks I’ve been on quite a few job interviews which are always time consuming. I went on three temporary/staffing interviews, none have really panned out just yet. I had one at a PR firm in Orange County and another at a school in Japan. The last two were via Skype, but both cool.

I’m trying to get out there. I’m emailing, craigslisting, tweeting, facebooking, linkedinning, blogging and even trying to think if I should start instagramming or pinteresting or whatevering.

I just don’t know how people manage to do all of this stuff every day, especially with full-time jobs. I swear that I’m motivated and want to be something. I’m just losing time and patience.

Well, time to eat. TTYL!



Apartment Hunting


(((The photo is just a screenshot from my phone. I didn’t really feel like doing any cropping or actual photography. Deal with it.)))

I signed a lease in Chicago! This photo on top of this blog is the outside of my apartment. I’d show you the inside, but it’s really just a bunch of empty rooms. Also, I’m not there right now, so you’ll have to deal with the realtor’s photo. Also, by empty rooms I mean the bedroom, kitchen and bathroom are empty.

It’s a studio in the Edgewater neighborhood of Northside Chicago. This is kind of the hipstery hood.

I’m thinking for names for my new pad. If you can think of any, go ahead and tell me.

I’ve got an idea from “Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell.” It’s probably very very inappropriate though.

It’s a studio, but a big one. It’s expensive, but one of the better prices I saw. I really fell for it in a quick second. There was another similar one in the same building, but for $20 more a month I got more room, a better view and a wooden porch.

I’m also across the street from a 24-hour Walgreens and one-half of my friends in Chicago. (I have two friends here).

The craziest thing is amazing. The last dude that lived here went insane and said he was going to kill everybody and blow up the building. The SWAT team guys were here just a month or so ago. I’m moving into his old place.

Maybe it’s haunted…

Controlled Breathing in the Windy City

Howdy howdy faithful readers!

I actually left (kind of) and am back (kind of).

chicago(Our fearless author in Chicago!)

I moved from Colorado to the Windy City three weeks ago.

Late last year I went on my Casey Freeman Midwest Quest. The whole point was to find a new home. Colorado was making me miserable. I wasn’t finding jobs, friends or employment, so I sought out and sought after a new home.

I toured Cincinnati, Chicago, Madison, Minneapolis, Des Moines and Omaha. All of them had their upsides and downsides.

Cincy was cheap and had one of my best BFFs there. But, I wasn’t really a fan of the other people. It was pretty grungy.

The Windy City was huge but didn’t feel crowded, had great mass transportation, had lots of stuff to do and the people don’t seem like big-town jerks. But, super expensive.

Madtown was like Boulder, Colorado, one of my many hometowns. Madison, Wisconsin is colder though. It had gorgeous people, fun lifestyle and a great vibe. But, I didn’t see or hear about a single job.

Minneapolis had a bunch of BFFs, great history, a logical downtown and pretty decent mass transportation. I just didn’t see much for jobs.

Des Moines and Omaha were both kind of similar in the sense that I really liked the cities, they were cool, calm, great peopled by great people and gorgeous. But there weren’t any jobs I thought I could do and mass transit was pretty peepee poor. If I landed a job at either of them I’d have moved.

In a later venture, I also went to Austin which I thought was great, but suffered from Boulder Madison Disease where it was so cool nobody can afford it or work there.

Dallas had some great stuff, but I just didn’t really want to be there.

Portland was amazing, but again it had Boulder/Madison/Austin Disease. One of the greatest crushes of my life lives there (and some cousins and uncles), but I just couldn’t do it.

Seattle was there. It’s cool, but not cool enough for the weather and prices.

So, Chicago landed on top. So far I’m happy here.

And I’m going to pop off a few more blogs about it.

Kids Today are SO LAZY!!!

Kids today are so lazy. They just don’t want to work hard. They could be employed if they were just like me.
Just today I received one email about how I need to send money to a guy in Spain (or Italy, it depends on which paragraph you read) so I can “finally get started on my career as a travel agent.” I can “seriously” make a ton of money selling cruises and such to my family and friends.
I received a phone call and an email from companies that are offering “Marketing Positions” which actually entail selling knives door to door and/or handing out samples of mini tacos at Costco.
One temp agency contacted me. I don’t know WTF I would be doing there.
I took a one-and-a-half-hour writing/grammar/editing test for a temporary copywriting position.
I received another phone call about how I could make an excellent living selling health insurance and explaining Medicaid to the elderly.
There may have been another one but I’m just jumping for joy at these wonderful prospects.

Writing Test 4.11

I’m applying for a lot of jobs at the moment. Some of them take a few clicks, some of them make you take a test. I’ve taken a few copyediting tests that want to make sure you can spell, use grammar and make sentences/paragraphs/stories make sense. These are never fun.

Now I’m applying for jobs that make me do writing tests. Yippee!

This one was actually pretty fun because I did have some freedom.

(So this is how I would write a couple marketing pieces)

Top 5 Reasons to Tint Your Windows

My friends and I were hanging out at the beach last weekend. Gary just bought a new red Ford Mustang and bragged about it, as he tends to do. While we were all checking our bank accounts and projected when we’d be able to get cars to compete with his, Gary asked me if he should tint his car’s windows. I am a pretty decent expert on the topic since I work as a manager for Blackout Window Tinting. So I thought I’d give him a few reasons why I installed solar window film on my own personal car (a 2010 Land Rover in case you’re wondering).

  1. First of all, window tint blocks heat. When I am in a LA traffic jam, the last thing I want is to be sweating my face off when I get to work, home or a date.
  2. Next, I used to lifeguard so now I wear sunglasses everyday and everywhere. Tinting my windows helps take a lot of that brightness out of my face.
  3. My windows are tinted enough so people driving by or walking by can’t really look into my car and see what’s inside or happening inside. It’s not like I have anything interesting to hide or to steal in my car, but if I did I wouldn’t want anybody to know about it.
  4. Tinting makes my car stand out in the crowd. I really don’t have to worry about finding my car at the supermarket or make my friends wonder which car is their ride to the game. The tint on my car separates it from the pack.
  5. Installing solar window film is quick, easy and not that expensive. Of course, you’ll need a professional to do it. While window tint makes your car stand out, it will stand out for all the wrong reasons if your windows are covered in brown-and-tan bubbles. If you’re going to get a tint, let a professional handle the work. I’ll stand by my own work, or be able to point you in the right direction if you need it.
  6. (Here’s a bonus reason). Finally, I agree with the hundreds of customers I’ve helped at the shop: Tinting your windows looks cool. ‘Nuff said.

So there you go. The reasons why I personally tint my windows. Blackout Window Tinting offers plenty of different shades and styles. I actually go with a 70 percent Master Tint, which isn’t our darkest or most expensive, but that’s what I prefer. If you want to learn more you can stop down at the shop, call me at (555) 123-4567 or shoot me an email at casey@blackouttints.com if you’ve got questions.

Internet Marketing
More companies use Internet marketing to capture their targets’ attention. Customers are spending more and more time on the Web, which makes this fertile ground for companies getting their messages out.

Actual paper newspapers and magazines are relatively extinct, so print ads are becoming less worthwhile. More folks are walking Hulu, Netflix and YouTube than actual television, therefore TV ads are losing their steam.

So the logical choice is for companies to use Internet marketing. Nearly everybody uses the Internet every day and it is almost always instantly available.

One nice part about Internet marketing is that if the person is mildly interested, they will click on the ad. If they are not, they won’t. However, more people will look at Internet ads than readers that just flip the page or change the channel.

Where Junk Goes to Die

This was the big pet/personal/perfect project I did for the Colorado Daily. I spent hours here with my mom. I’m bored so going out with her is one way I get to get out of the house.

Everybody is incredibly nice and I could have written a series on this place. This is the whittled down version.

Read and tell your friends! And tell the editor to pay me more! Hahaha.